Thursday, November 6, 2014

The View

       The reason why I have engaged in creating this blog was to use it as a means to express random views and experiences that have greatly affected and continue to affect my spiritual journey.   My early experience of the world was influenced by spending time sitting on the fire escape attached to my parents bedroom in the South Bronx.  This was not only an experience of viewing the world from the 3rd floor of an apartment building, but was also a safe space to hope for a better future.

      Through the bars of the fire escape I was able to view the large buildings that riddle the Manhattan skyline.  For me this view served as an image of a world which I was not a part of but was hoping to engage in the future.  The fire escape served as the only means to look over the large masses of abandoned and crumbling edifices.  From the street level there was no opportunity to be hopeful.  All that one could see were that rats and drug addicts among the rubble of concrete.  From the street there was just a view of a crumbling world that could never be overcome, it was a view that did not inspire hope.  This is the world that I would call hell.  Although the fire escape helped to inspire, its metal bars always served as a reminder that the hope of a better world was not one that was easily accessible.  These bars in the future would be replaced with what I would call borders.

So I welcome you to be part of my journey of discovery.